Our production

Plastický znak města

3D Laser Engraving

We provide engravings to plastic forms, tools for high frequency welding and shaping of plastic,

production of precise parts such as a models for rotary casting, punches and matrix,

with high details and fine textures.

Ruční mosazné razidlo (tlačítko)

Plates - Punches

Production of gold printing tools, bookbinders lettering, brass plates for hot embossing (blind print) and tools for high frequency welding.

Pamětní tabule - mořená mosaz

Panels - Plaques

Production of panels for designation of establishments, offices, doctors offices, departments, EU project publicity. Can be produced for indoors aswell for outdoors.

Kabelový štítek hliníkový, gravírovaný a barvený


We produce labels for tagging products (production labels), cabels, switchboards, any other devices, nametags, information labels etc.

Chirurgická ocel - popis diamantem


Permanent technique of marking mechanical parts, advertising products from metal, leather, wood, rubber etc. Can be done by CNC Laser, CNC Cutter, or CNC with diamond tip.

Krycí panel ovládací elektroniky - krabička

Cover Panels

Cover panels for control boxes, dashboards, Lifts covers, doorbells. Adjustments and customization of serially produced products.
Slepotisková termoražba do firemních diářů


We are offering thermal-embossing into diares, wallets, briefcases etc. It can be done as blind printing or through foil.